D1 Music


Some folks in our business seem quite unaware of the rich musical history that has brought us to today … or is taking us into tomorrow.

We at D1 know music, love it, and breathe it.

We know the hugely important part it plays in our lives.

Our Mission is nothing less than to create, promote, and encourage artists of many kinds to build on the past and innovate into the future … finding new ways to bring pleasure and delight into our listeners’ varied lives.


Music is personal … a way that each of us can express and enhance our individual selves and our lifestyles.

But there really is a difference — an audible difference — between music made with love, care and quality production and a “product” that’s simply pressed from a musical cookie cutter.

That’s why we treat our artists and production teams with the highest level of respect and support. That’s why every production we undertake is a unique and exciting venture into the heart and soul of music.

We are a young and growing force. But we refuse to push so fast that quality and “TLC” are sacrificed along the way. We are discovering as we grow, as we gain increasing success and respect, that people really appreciate the love and the care we put into everything we do.

No matter how big we may become, this same passion, quality and devotion to music will always be our hallmark.