SupaNova first burst onto the music scene in his collaboration with Aussie songstress, Dannii Minogue, with the sensational single “Everlasting Night”.  Since then, he’s ripped the music scene apart with his amazing stage presence, and his wild and steamy stage antics that surprise and delight his audiences.

SupaNova celebrates his distinct individuality with pride, while helping other artists to accept and love their own differences, too.  Like a modern day hippie, SupaNova spreads a strong message of hope, freedom, unconditional love and empowerment, which he delivers through his funky, soulful, tribal, beat-driven pop music.

His lyrics are about living without fear, fulfilling life’s dreams, and staying true to one’s own destiny. In his last hit single, “New Horizon”, he invited listeners to “embrace this open hand” and pledged, “know that I have your back.”

Like the inter-galactic phenomenon from which he derives his name, SupaNova is multi-layered and multi-dimensional. He views his persona as being about light and love; power and truth; energy, change, growth and expansion.

In “No Secrets”, SupaNova rocks out a high voltage pop song backed by outstanding singers and musicians,along with slammin’ remixes from Klubjumpers, DJ Escape/Dom Capello, Masi & Mello, DJ Paul Goodyear and, of course, D1 Music.