Interview: In the Studio

Interview with Keith Kemper

Interview with Keith Kemper

1. Tell us about your career?
Well, I started In this adventure called the music business in the early ‘90s working for a
label called Wakko Records. I then worked with Felipe Rose from the Village people as a producer/engineer where I met Peter McLean and we began creating music for D1 Music.

2. What has been your biggest hit to date?

Lisa Hunt’s The Joint is Jumping and John Rizzo vs. D1 Music’s UNITY.

3. How do you create tracks?
I create tracks using the Reason software. I use this software for the basis of all
my work.

4. How do you compose your music?

I play piano/keyboard to get my basic idea started and then transfer that to audio
later so I can expand on the idea.

5. Who are your favorite artists?
Barry Manilow, Donna Summer – pretty much all artists from the ‘80s.

6. Who is your favorite producer?

My favorite producer would have to be David Foster hands down.

7. What styles of music do you like to produce?

Movie scoring/dance/rock/ pop/ etc – yes…all styles.

8. What is the future of the music industry?

Well, it seems things are going in the direction of online sales. A cross marketing is needed
these days to really drive home a profit and marketing success.

9. How did the Club Christmas CDs happen?

A friend of mine was on his radio show and he asked me to create a dance track for Christmas. Instead, I created a medley of five Christmas songs and then Peter mentioned he would like to expand the idea and make it a full album…and thus Club Christmas was born.

10. What can we expect on Club Christmas 2?
The same great sound and arrangements as Club Christmas with a whole new selection of tracks climaxing with a great mega-mix of all the tracks featured on the CD.

11. What artists would you like to work with?

It’s a tie between Alicia Keys and Bernadette Peters.

12. What is your favorite electronic gadget?
I own a game device for game emulators called the Gp2x. It plays movies and mp3s – as well
and all the classic game systems.

13. How did you become involved with D1 Music?

When I was working with Felipe Rose I met Peter Mclean and we hit off from the very start.

14. Who is your favorite D1 Music artist?
All of them!!!

15. What is your favorite D1 Music track?
The Joint Is Jumping by Lisa Hunt.

16. Who is your favorite DJ?
John Rizzo, George Callie, David Morales – all DJs that play great uplifting vocal house music –
and, of course, D1 Music tracks!