Interview: In the Studio

Interview with Kimberly Davis

Interview with Kimberly Davis

1. What inspired your new song Twist of Love? Why did you decide to record it?

Well the song was written and inspired by Peter McLean of D1 Music but the inspiration for my singing was from my own intimate memories of days and nights gone by. I decided to record Twist of Love because I love the song and it gave me a chance to deliver a full blooded Diva anthem.

2. Why is Twist of Love the perfect follow-up to your celebratory anthem, Get Up?

Twist of Love is the perfect follow-up to my last hit Get Up because Get Up was a celebratory song about partying and enjoying life and Twist of Love is about a celebration of the body, mind and soul around that crazy lil’ thing called love.

3. Have you ever experienced a twist of love? Please explain.

Who me? Lol Yes – I have to say that I definitely have experienced a ‘twist of love’ one or twice… and that’s all I’m gonna say about that! 😉

4. How does your twist compare with Chubby Checker’s The Twist and Let’s Twist Again?

I never really compared Twist of Love with any of the Chubby Checker tracks but I am hoping this will be the ‘twist’ track for the twenty first century!

5. One thing they all have in common is they encourage people to move! That seems to be a prevailing theme in both of your dance tracks. Why is it important that people move?

It is important that people can get out there on the dance for and express exactly how they feel through movement. I love to see people dancing to my tracks and watching how the music makes them dance and experience a sense of freedom and unity. That’s what music and dance is all about to me!

6. This is your second song with D1 Music. Why are independent dance music labels like D1 Music vital for today’s dance community? Why should fans support them?

I love D1 Music! Independent dance labels are vital for the dance community because in many ways they are more in touch with what is happening on the dance music scene much more than a major label. My producers, Peter McLean and Keith Kemper, know the music, the DJs, the promoters, the clubs and the people that go to the clubs to appreciate dance music. Fans should definitely get out there and support smaller labels, like D1 Music, so they can continue to grow and create great dance music.